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> can I use G4U  to clone a 40 gig drive to a 30 gig drive,  if the source
> drive only has 20 gigs of data?

G4U does not work with data, it works with partitions or whole disks.
If you get that concept, it will help in planning what you do with it.

A partition normally has a file system which has a file access table.
If you want file lookups to work properly afterwards, you need the
target partition to be at least the same size as the original.

I've tried to keep my answer OS agnostic as this BSD based utility
is capable of doing the job for any OS.

For broader hardware support, I suggest consideration of udpcast, which is
Linux based.  gzipped disk clone image files made from g4u are compatible
with restoring the same to a new target from udpcast, in case you wondered.

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