Is this a bug in the FreeBSD ATA driver then?  I used an IBM DeskStar
drive and had Linux running perfectly well on it.  I backed up all my
data, deleted the partitions and went to install FreeBSD on it.   The
installation failed with lots of 'hard error' messages.  Did FreeBSD
kill my hard drive, or was it just luck that I got my data off the drive
with minutes to spare?   I know DeskStar drives are notorious for
failure, but I did indeed have DMA66 and DMA33 drives on the same
channel, and thought it a bit suspicious that the drive died at the
instant I tried to install FreeBSD.

Bruce Cran

Yeah, this also occured to me, as I have been running WinXP on my drive without problems. The really wierd bit is that I only get the messages when writing to (or reading from) /usr (i run a dedicated partition for /usr. You know, the automatic single disk setup when installing FreeBSD). Wait, maybe that isn't so wierd after all.

Anyway, I want to know for sure that this disk failure is not due to any FreeBSD shenanigans, as I do not want to buy a new drive and install FreeBSD to it, only to have it crash on me just days later.

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