Em Sex, 2008-06-20 às 19:19 +0200, Wojciech Puchar escreveu:

> > How much cpu????
> > we use always AMD 64 X2 with 2Gb of memory for
> > up to 3 PCI boards of 4 E1 each, that is: 12 E1.
> what codec do you use? if no recoding (alaw) i think it uses very 
> little CPU in order of few% of single or less.

We use ulaw (for the logarithm mode of the volume) so no recoding is done...

each board fires 2 irqs and 1000 irq/sec each...  so is 2000 irq per
at a max of 6000 irq /sec....

Cpu use (using top) is about 10%  only when receiving fax (because of
the spandsp), goes to 20%... when recieving 4 simultaneous fax....

We use Hylafax  + iaxmodem...  works like a charm... the same way
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