Edgardo Nuevo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have a proxy (squid) that gives Internet to a set of pcs, one of
> them is a FreeBSD 6.2, when wanting to upgrade ports (
> portsnap fetch)  gives me the messages following:
> PC1 # fetch portsnap

Did you mean (and actually type) 'portsnap fetch'?


> But I fail to upgrade ports, then modify the
> file. cshrc and leave it well
> # ee. cshrc
> setenv HTTP_PROXY

No need to specify the port in your case; 3128 is default for HTTP_PROXY.  
Does your proxy server require authentication?  If so, you need to specify 
authorization parameters as outlined in man fetch(3).

> setenv FTP_PROXY
BTW, although FTP_PASSIVE_MODE is enabled by setting it to anything other 
than 'no', you probably want to set it to something logical like "YES" 
instead of just re-listing the proxy URL. :-)

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