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sergio lenzi wrote:
> Em Sex, 2008-06-20 às 21:45 +0200, Wojciech Puchar escreveu:
>>>> when i connected 56 cisco phones to my laptop (used 4*16 port switches
>>>> ;), and having all of them working (called from first to second, from 
>>>> third to
>>>> fourth etc..) there was below 4% CPU load but it's 1200Mhz Pentium-3M.
>>> Yes... the cisco uses SIP, that is far more efficient...
>> i forget to say - SIP allows direct calls (data goes directly between 
>> phones), SCCP doesn't (at least asterisk module).
>> in tests i intentionally disabled this to make asterisk server loaded
> we use sip the same way you do with sccp because we need tranfer calls
> (,Tt) in the dial command
> E1 boards, the best we tested are from the chinese openvox... 
> without echo cancelation it seels for about U$750,00 for one port E1,
> US$1800 for 2 ports, 
> US$2800 for 4 ports...

My god, for the hardware involved, that's unbelieveably expansive.

> in my country (brazil).... you may think it is too expensive, but as
> you 
> think that ONE port for a siemens pabx is about US$4000  (yes, 4K
> dollars....)

For the Siemens pabx, you're paying for the switching capability, and the
literal ton of software to do all of the call handling.  Maybe I got you wrong,
in what I read above, I haven't seen those Openvox cards, but if they are only
voice interface (a T1 or E1 single channel) plus signally, wow, that's a lot.
If the interface an entire group, either T1 or E1, that's better, but it sure
includes a healthy kick for a profit factor.  I know, I've built them in the
past, there's just not THAT much to them.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Actually, in the present case, the cost of doing switching has dropped in a
major way, so the cost, which used to be justifiable at $4k/channel, well, it's
certainly not that way any more.

Let's see, from memory, I think that the old Northern Telecom DMS250 ran about
2.5 million plus the cost of channel banks, I think.  I was always doing
engineering,  not sales, but your cost figures, they sure do seem high to me.

As far as handling the software, the old tandem switches used to use
mini-computers to run maybe 4,000 channels in one switch.  I forget the name of
the most famous tandem switch, but I do know they used a single mini.  Today's
computers are far more capable, and so could very easily power a whole switch.
Course, doing that kind of software, well, it's the most difficult stuff to do
that has ever been accomplished.  The folks that did it never got enough credit.

> you may imagine that for the price of only one board for a siemens you
> can mount
> the pbx, the cpu, the FreeBSD.....
> you mount a 100 phones pbx for less than half the price of a siemens
> equipment....
> including the 50 ATAs linksys pap2.....
> The poor the country, the more you pay....  that is the rule.....
> Philips, nortel, alcatel are even more expensive..............
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