Hi everybody,

is there a difference between loading a kernel module during the boot process
and loading a module manually after the login?
I'm asking this on a general basis and because of pr: kern/123563.
I don't know if it's a problem with if_re because I can't find someone
out on the net
having the same problem.
The driver if_re works after laoding it manually after the login and I
have no problems
with it after this manual kldload if_re.

Can you guys give me a hint how to get further with the troubleshooting because
I can't find any difference with pciconf or the boot -v messages.

Pyun did a nice job with if_re and shame on me for making his driver responsible
at first but that's the only driver I can reproduce this problem with
so I don't know
if there's a hardware / driver / base issue.

The facts about my configuration etc. is in

If you want more information please write me.

Thanks and kind regards,

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