yes, this is yet another off-topic post,, but 1) i can't find where to
post on the GIMP list [or forum], 2), can't find anything that makes
sense to my way of thinking.

how, oh how, do i use these gimp 'layers'??

2 uses for them.  1st is to create the string ""
in a LARGE typeface, centered; then a 2nd string in a Medium typeface,
also centered, and a 3rd in a small typeface.  everything centered.
i figure that whenever somebody unlocks my cage, i may as well make up 
T-shirts and be my own billboard.

i spend a solid 1.5 days trying to learn what the deal is with 'layers':

the second reason to learn gimp is to manipulate plain old ascii
letters (or maybe 8859-15 to get the upside-down bang "!".   when i first
started this site in wisconsin i called it 'thought unlimited' and it
served as a public access unix site for years. public Access or Service,
i've kept the 'thought unlimited' tag.   now if i knew how to use
gimp+layers, i might be able to creaate a logo-with-letters.  

i know 0.00 about art.  at the same time, i love fonts; this is IMHO,
a true artform.   and i'm like to try and design


on some-such using gimp to create a logo from letters.

thanks in advance,


  Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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