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> > No.  What you really want to do is set smart_host to the outgoing
> > mail server provided by your ISP.
> Please forgive my ignorance here, but how does one accomplish that?

Without that setting, sendmail will try to send mail _directly_ to its
final destination by looking up the MX record.

If your workstation (I believe the original thread centered around
configuring a workstation to send mail, right?) does not have all the
magic stuff in place to get past spam filters, you will get bounced.
i.e. if your DNS isn't set up perfectly, or if your IP address is on
the list of DHCP addresses, etc.

By setting up smart_host, sendmail will send _all_ email to smart_host,
which (if your ISP is worth the money you pay for) will have proper
DNS and will not be blacklisted or anything, and will reliably forward
your mail on for you.

Bill Moran
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