Since rebuilding >300 ports on my 7.0 system would have taken too long after the gettext bump, I used packages-7-stable for the portupgrade -- I should have known better...

The kdevelop portupgrade failed with:

/libexec/ /lib/ version FBSD_1.1 required by gtar not found

Searching all executables in /usr/local/ with readelf for FBSD_ but not FBSD_1.0, I have only found [EMAIL PROTECTED] in files from coreutils, dirmngr, gnupg, gpgme, gtar, and wget. Thus, I rebuild these.

Now gtar starts and https in Firefox works again.

Is my system back to a "sane" state or do I have to expect more problems, if I do not rebuild everything that came as 7-stable package?

Jan Henrik
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