| > I am having trouble installing the 5.0 release FreeBSD. I am
 | > installing it to its own machine and I have completed the
 | > following steps. I do not have a bootable CD Rom drive (though
 | > I do have a CD Rom burner), so I have been planning to install
 | > from discs. So far I have:
 | > 
 | > 1. Formatted two floppy discs.
 | > 
 | > 2. Downloaded kern.flp and mfsroot.flp to my root c: drive (of a
 | >    Windows system)
 | What kind of Windows (NT, 2000, 95?)
 | I seem to remember a good bit of trouble getting fdimage to work
 | on certain hardware under Windows NT (although it's been a while).
 | fdimage has a number of command line switches ... one of them
 | solved the problem.  I seem to remember something about single-
 | sector writing or something (it's been a while)
 | Don't know if this is your problem or not, but report the OS that
 | you're creating the images from, and check out 'fdimage /?' (I
 | believe) will give you a list of switches and their meanings.

i used a program called ntrawrite.exe. worked like a charm. win2k.



"man kan tune et filsystem, men man kan ikke tunfisk", bsd tunefs manpage

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