I'm having issues with the amanda-client port. At some point in the past 
months, when I install a new amanda-client it appears that the configure 
options are not passing correctly.

THe OS version doesn't seem to matter, 6.2, 7.0, 6.3 all appear to have the 
same issue. The specific behavior I'm encountering is that the amandad daemon 
on the client (yes it's backward) sees the incoming packets and logs them but 
does not respond. I'm wondering if it's an issue with the semi-recent autoconf 

As near as I can tell, the CONFIGURE_ARGS from the port makefile are not making 
into the configure script for the actual work files. Ideas?

>From the amandad debug file:

amandad:        CONFIGURE_COMMAND="'./configure' 
'--libexecdir=/usr/local/libexec/amanda' '--with-amand
mp' '--disable-libtool' '--prefix=/usr/local' '--with-user=operator' 
'--with-group=operator' '--with-gn
/local/bin/gtar' '--without-server' '--prefix=/usr/local' 


amandad:        CONFIGURE_COMMAND="'./configure' 'freebsd6.3'"

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