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Can anyone point me to a guide on trouble shooting samba performance
or a quick list of common issues I can check for.
I've been googling but haven't found much that referenced a recent
version of FreeBSD and Samba.

I am running FreeBSD 7.0 on VmWare Server 2.0 hosted on a CentOS Linux box.
I've used nttcp and iozone to verify that the performance of the
FreeBSD 7.0 VM is good and am able to copy 6.5GB on disk from one
location to another in about 2.5 minutes.

Copying to a Windows 2003 server yields a 45 minute transfer time.

Copying to a Windows XP workstation yields a 4 minute transfer time

FreeBSD 7.0  --> FreeBSD 7.0  -- 2.5 minutes ( copying on disk )
FreeBSD 7.0 --> WinXP -- 4 minutes ( samba )
FreeBSD 7.0 -> Windows 2003 -- 45 minutes ( samba )
WinXP --> Windows 2003 -- 5 minutes

Both windows machines are on the same domain.

I've used samba for a number of years and this is the first time I've
ran into a problem such as this.

So if someone could give me a good starting point on how to
troubleshoot this I'd appreciate it.


The numbers indicate something i've seen several times but there has been different answers to it. Sometimes it was the indication that the RAID on the Windows2003 server was misconfigured or running in DEGRADED mode.
However i've also seen issues regarding TCP/IP settings.
Often it can be a good exercise to try to toggle this sysctl before transfer (net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack).
Of course these are just clues and not real answers.

Sten Daniel Soersdal
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