Hi fellows,

I am trying to configure sshd on my bsd and wanted to ask if the opitons
there, in case i enable them are "resource intensive";
Let me give u an example,

For instance, the Options
#ClientAliveInterval 0
#ClientAliveCountMax 3
In case i enable them, would my server, which is very small(Very little
RAM,192MB i think)..its just for educational purposes; could my server cope
with it if for instance tehre were quite a few clients connected?  I dont
know how to put this question...sorry..
What would be better. To enable them or keep them disabled. Cause there
might be lots of users and what if a few connections keep there alive
wasting resources while not being used, instead if the options enabled, they
would be disconnected, but would this options interfere in sshd performance?
I put those options only as an example; if you know of others that i should
enable please dont hesitate to share it ;)

Hope you guys get the concept...

Thanks a lot as always and have a nice one...
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