Derek Ragona wrote:
At 12:59 AM 6/25/2008, prad wrote:
in our search for servers we contacted genstor (on the freebsd
compatible hardware list) and a very nice fellow talked to us and sent
us a quote. it was out of our price range, but i was very puzzled to see
that the brand new and powerful system they were putting together was
going to be operating with freebsd 5.4

why would a new system such as this be supplied with such an old os?

In friendship,


You'd need to ask them why they are using such an old version.

The good news is that FreeBSD will run on almost any x86 motherboard, you need to check compatibility for things like RAID cards and other specialized peripherals.
You could consider switching hosts. My host is running 6.3 and is very stable, fast and (IMO) affordable. If you're interested in their contact info, let me know.
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