Hello list :)

I have a problem with my so called server, i'm using FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE. I connect to it trough ssh because i'm not in that location. Everything is ok i'm using /usr/sbin/ppp to connect to the internet as i have a pppoe account with static ip from my ISP. The problem is that on the FreeBSD box i have download/upload speeds between 30k/s and 150k/s wich is really low. I've checked with a laptop(windows) at that location and i got a download/upload speed ~6MB/s (advertised by the ISP), so it's a really big difference.

Here's my ppp.conf file:

        set log Phase

        set device PPPoE:rl0:
        set mtu 1492
        set mru 1492
        set speed sync
        set authname "********"
        set authkey "******"
        disable ipv6cp
        add! default HISADDR

I've tried to play with several options here as:
disable acfcomp protocomp
deny acfcomp
but with no result. Everything is ok except the speed. If there is anyone who can at least point me in the right direction please do so.

P.S. I have to mention that i use pf as firewall but even with pfctl -d i get nowhere.

Thanks in advace ...

Andrei Brezan
310280 Arad - Romania
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