I have another odd problem. Cron refuses to send any emails. Here's
what DID work:

-Sending email via /usr/bin/mail on command line
-Having a crontab run a script which in turn sends an email
-Piping the output of a crontab command into /usr/bin/mail. Such as
having the following in a crontab:
/bin/cat /home/user/todo_list | /usr/bin/mail [EMAIL PROTECTED]

But if I have this line in my crontab:
25      0       *       *       1       /bin/cat /home/user/todo_list

No email is set to the owner of the crontab. I also tried defining
$MAILTO in the crontab.

When the crontab SHOULD be sending an email (But doesn't), I get the
following error in my maillog:
Jun 25 14:19:00 server1 sendmail[24291]: m5PIJ0sS024291: from=user,
size=0, class=0, nrcpts=0,

nrcpts=0 means that there are no recipients, afaik.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
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