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> freebsd-questions@freebsd.org> Subject: Windows > Unix volunteers> > Hello,> 
> > What is a good place to look for volunteers who would like to modify> 
> Windows source code for an open source software. We have a programme > that 
> changes wallpapers on your desktop but it is only available for > Windows.> > 
> As a FreeBSD fan, I'd love to see it in ports. Can anyone recommend> forums 
> where to look for people interested in making such programme > available for 
> UNIX desktops?> > Many thanks!
there are a few programs like this already. some people even just use cron jobs 
with a script to force a background change to a random image every X minutes.
graphics/chbg is a nice start. just do a google search or search 
freebsd.org/ports for "background" and you will see a lot of responses.
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