Joshua Miner wrote:
I'm using Windows XP. None of the flags seemed to be OS specific.
If you use "reply all" to the reply to the list, other people can
answer your question if I'm not available or don't know the answer.

I didn't say they were OS-specific.  I said the problem was OS-specific.
The solution is in a combination of flags, the details of which I don't

From: Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Joshua Miner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: Help! Installation Question
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 16:40:15 -0500

Joshua Miner wrote:


I am having trouble installing the 5.0 release FreeBSD. I am installing it to its own machine and I have completed the following steps. I do not have a bootable CD Rom drive (though I do have a CD Rom burner), so I have been planning to install from discs. So far I have:

1. Formatted two floppy discs.

2. Downloaded kern.flp and mfsroot.flp to my root c: drive (of a Windows system)

What kind of Windows (NT, 2000, 95?)
I seem to remember a good bit of trouble getting fdimage to work
on certain hardware under Windows NT (although it's been a while).
fdimage has a number of command line switches ... one of them
solved the problem.  I seem to remember something about single-
sector writing or something (it's been a while)
Don't know if this is your problem or not, but report the OS that
you're creating the images from, and check out 'fdimage /?' (I
believe) will give you a list of switches and their meanings.

3. Downloaded fdimage to my root c: drive (of a Windows system)

4. Copied kern.flp from the Windows DOS emulator with the command: fdimage kern.flp a:

5. Copied mfsroot.flp from the Windows DOS emulator with the command: fdimage mfsroot.flp a:

6. I turned on the machine to which I will install the OS and ensured that floppy disks were the primary boot mechanism in the setup menu.

7. When I restart the machine with the kern.flp or the mfsroot.flp in the disk drive I get the message “Insert bootable media in the appropriate drive.”

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