J. Scott Edwards wrote:
I have a remote machine running 4.7 which is streaming audio using
icecast.  I was hoping to back up the machine by transferring the files to
my local machine and doing the backup here.  However when I try to copy
any (non-tiny) files, using scp for example, it floods the network
connection and messes up the audio stream.  Is there any way I can
transfer files from it at a much slower rate, something like 1/8 normal?
You could use IPFW's traffic shaper stuff (assuming you have IPFW and
dummynet in your kernel ... although I think you might be able to load
both of these as a kld nowadays)

Something like:
ipfw add pipe 1 tcp from any to any 22
ipfw add pipe 1 tcp from any 22 to any
ipfw pipe 1 config bw 300Kbit/s
Would limit total ssh traffice to 300Kbit/second.

Read 'man ipfw' for extensive explanation of ipfw's and dummynet's
capabilities.  And don't be afraid to ask specific questions, getting
the hang of ipfw rules takes a bit of work.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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