Hello list,

I just bought a new disk to make my backups (with Bacula). As this disk
will be used by FreeBSD only I'd like to use the "dedicated mode" (no

So far I used to do something like:
#> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ad1 bs=1k count=1
#> newfs -L foo -U /dev/ad1
#> mount /dev/ufs/foo /foo

It seems to work like a charm.

However, in the handbook (section the procedure is a bit
longer :
#> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da1 bs=1k count=1
#> bsdlabel -Bw da1 auto
#> bsdlabel -e da1
#> newfs /dev/da1e
#> mkdir -p /1
#> vi /etc/fstab
#> mount /1

Some questions:
- Is it mandatory to create at least one partition (e in this case) ?
- Is it normal that there are no slices in this example ? Is it common
to create a partition without any slice in the dedicated mode ?
- What are the differences between "my" method and the one in the
handbook ?

in advance thanks,

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