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Ryan Coleman wrote:
chip wrote:
Heheh, got that working, had to add sudo to the beginning of the command. Now the problem has to do with permissions. The pics are downloaded with the owner being root, so I have to view the pics as root. Whats the workaround?

chip wrote:
A little more info -
I now have gphoto2 recognizing and downloading my images, but only in a terminal window. I am using XFCE and want to create a shortcut on the toolbar or the desktop that will open a terminal window and run the command. I have a shortcut set up but it just opens a terminal window and quickly closes, I don't know what's wrong, but it's not downloading the images. Any suggestions on how to get a shortcut to a terminal window app to work on XFCE?


chip wrote:
Anyone know how to get FBSD 7-R to recognize my Canon S3 IS and download pics from it?
First off, please bottom respond. Easier to follow the thread.

Secondly, chown would do the job. sudo chown youruser:yourgroup * (or file*)


So that is after loading the pics. Is there anything I can do beforehand so the whole process can be done under my normal user login?

Really, man... RTFM :)
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