I used /stand/sysinstall to install phpMyAdmin a couple weeks ago, it's version 2.3.0-rc4.
I viewed the list of ports on the freebsd web site and see phpMyAdmin is listed at version
2.3.2. So I re-ran sysinstall and see phpMyAdmin is still listed at 2.3.0-rc4. The
phpMyAdmin current version is 2.4.0-rc1 at their homepage. I don't have ports installed,
You're probably looking at the following:
1) Packages are only created for a release.  4.7-RELEASE has been a little
   while, so they're probably a bit outdated
2) While ports stay pretty updated, there is a bit of a lag between the
   time a new release of a port is made, and the time it actually gets
   integrated into the FreeBSD ports system.
That's why you get 2.3.0 in the packages, 2.3.2 in the ports and 2.4.0
from the original developers.

When I click on the download link on freebsd.org for version 2.3.2 I get an error pop-up
that says - 550 No such directory.
Ports aren't always on all the FreeBSD servers, that's why the port fetch
mechanism lists multiple places to download from.

What to do to upgrade?
Install the ports, cvsup them to the most recent and use ports to install
the program.  If you really want version 2.4.0, do a "make maintainer" in
the directory for this port, and then bug the maintainer about getting the
newest version in (it helps to offer to assist)

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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