On Saturday 28 June 2008, Sebastian Tymków said:
> Hi,
> Can anyone answer me if it's possible to make install iso from own
> chrooted environment ?
> When I do "make release" first it creates chroot environment then
> in chrooted environment recompiles sources and creates iso in
> /R directory using /R/stage.
> I wonder if it's possible to create install iso from chroot without
> all this stuff
> (I mean make release, even  LOCAL_SCRIPT parameter doesn't help  ).
>  I try to do my own custom iso thats why I need  make it from my
> own chrooted
> environment.
> Best regards,
> Sebastian Tymkow

uncomment EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src in the Makefile and point that to 
wherever the tree you want to build from is.


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