Ashish Shukla ???? ????? wrote:

|     ipv6_ifconfig_fxp0="2001:470:a80a:1:2d0:b7ff:fe0e:3a4a prefixlen
| 64"
|     ipv6_defaultrouter="fe80::213:10ff:fe79:137a"

I don't know how is above ipv6_defaultrouter setting is working, since
above is a link-local address, and you've not specified any explicit
link in above fe80::/10 address. BtW, did you recently changed your
configuration ? Is this same setting working since you started using
IPv6 on your FreeBSD host, hmm..?

That configuration has been working, unchanged, for a few months now. Until recently it used the fxp0 interface, as evidenced by the fact that it actually worked. :-)

Are you trying to ping6 a link-local address, without any mention of
interface, hmm...?

Again, it worked. If it hadn't, I would have kept messing with it until it did. I host web and mail on that host's IPv6 address and was very keen in getting it up and running.

I think above solution is better.

Perhaps. I'm content with anything that keeps my connectivity up between reboots.
Kirk Strauser
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