I have a computer that is in a situation where it is losing power
occasionally. All but one of the filesystems are going along fine.
Once file system seems to lose data on a power outage. Even if it only
reads a file, and doesn't write it, it may still lose a file (ex,
about half the audio files on my xmms playlist, a couple data files in
my wine directory that, to my knowledge, are unlikely to be written
after they are first installed).

What I'd like to do is get an output of the flags and options on my
filesystems to see what is different between that filesystem and the
others. Any suggestion on how to do that? This particular FS has
lasted through several rebuilds since it doesn't hold OS critical
stuff, just data files.

Also, to fix the problem, I have to delete the problematic files, and
then copy them over from backup or another computer. If I simply copy
them, for some reason the problem persists.

I don't think it's a bad disk, because all of the filesystems are on
the same disk, and this is the only one acting strange.

Any suggestions?

-Jim Stapleton
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