Vince Hoffman wrote:
Kris Kennaway wrote:
Vince Hoffman wrote:
#!/bin/sh -

TEXT=$(kldstat | tr a-f A-F | \
awk 'BEGIN {print "ibase=16"}; NR > 1 {print $4}'\
| bc | awk '{a+=$1}; END {print a}')
DATA=$(vmstat -m | sed 's/K//' | awk '{a+=$3}; END {print a*1024}')
TOTAL=$(echo "$DATA $TEXT" | awk '{print $1+$2}')

echo "TEXT=$TEXT, $(echo $TEXT | awk '{print $1/1048576 " MB"}')"
echo "DATA=$DATA, $(echo $DATA | awk '{print $1/1048576 " MB"}')"
echo "TOTAL=$TOTAL, $(echo $TOTAL | awk '{print $1/1048576 " MB"}')"
Looks like the wiki stripped some formatting.
I still don't know that this is doing anything meaningful in the context
of ZFS memory use.

I understood it to just be showing a summary of kernel memory
utilization, no specific zfs stuff (which I guess could be got from
vmstat -z although I dont understand those statistics well enough to do
this myself.) Semi useful in a peripheral way maybe.

That is surely the intention, but I am not convinced it is doing what it says on the box :)

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