Paul Schmehl wrote:
--On June 30, 2008 2:22:41 PM +0200 Zbigniew Szalbot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Dear all,

I read man freebsd-update but it has not answered my questions. That is,
after I have issued freebsd-update fetch/install, where can I find
information about if the installed updates require recompiling the
kernel or system restart?

Thank you in advance!

Maybe I'm confused, but I thought freebsd-update installed precompiled binaries of the generic kernel and world.

True, but it also updates the relevant sources if installed (as another poster said, freebsd-update will only update what you have installed - I tend to always assume that everybody installs full sources, but that's just me)

Therefore, you would need to reboot if the kernel changed. Freebsd-update should tell you what will be changed after it finishes the fetch. I don't recall if it also tells you what it installed.

If it tells you it updated /boot/kernel/kernel, you should reboot. If you are running a custom kernel and you see files getting updated in /usr/src/sys (mind you, not just the /usr/src/sys/conf/, but other files too - is always updated to reflect the new -p# in uname, if you rebuild your kernel) you should rebuild your custom kernel and reboot.
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