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> Actually, I decided to run vmstat this morning for a little while
> after turning off Zope, and during the couple of minutes I had it
> going, the number of processes running (as indicated by the leftmost
> column of vmstat's output) was at 0 for all but one line worth of
> output, so I would guess that vmstat's not including itself in the
> number of processes there. Even so, though, your assessment about how
> saturated the CPU is is of course still valid, which leads me to a
> follow-up question: by default, can a multi-threaded app use both
> cores? Or would I need to have two instances of the process running
> (Zope is apparently able to handle multiple instances running
> reasonably well) in order to have it fully utilize the CPU?

You need to run ZEO if you want to make use of multiple CPUs in Zope.
Here's a small HOWTO. It's for gentoo, but easily adaptable to


Good luck optimizing the Beast! ;-)

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