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> I'm aware of nothing but a UPS can completely protect me from an
> outage. I was just wondering why that ONE file system was misbehaving,
> and the rest are prefectly fine - which seemed odd. Additionally, why
> were files that are read, but not written, being lost? I can
> understand losing files that are being written, but if there's a file
> that has bene written several restarts ago, not written to thereafter,
> and has been fine ever since, why is it being lost now?

If the files themselves are disappearing, then it could be the directory
entry that's getting corrupted.  You mentioned mp3s earlier ... if I
had to guess, I'd say you frequently add and rename files in that directory.
If the power goes out during an update to the directory entry, it's
anybody's guess as to what filenames could disappear.  Even if you're
not doing it directly, is your mp3 software writing temp or other
status files to that directory?  If you're curious, you could run your
mp3 software under ktrace and then grep the output for file creation
and removal syscalls.

Just speculation.

Bill Moran
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