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> Hi guys,
> Basically, I have 2 scripts in the folder /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
> Resin.sh and apache.sh

Are these the scripts provided by the ports? They should be installed
without the '.sh' extension. See rc(8).

> I need resin to be started when apache is starting, how can I do that? I
> can't find any documentation on priority or order for startup scripts.

See the manual pages for rc(8) and rcorder(8). 

Basically, you need to put a number of special comments in the scripts
for the rc system to work with them. For instance, the script for resin
(made from /usr/ports/www/resin3/files/resin.sh.in) should be modified like:

# REQUIRE: LOGIN apache22

The latter is provided by the startup script installed by apache. This
is generated from /usr/ports/www/apache22/files/apache22.sh.in. 

Both should of course be enabled in /etc/rc.conf:


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