> It's actually been a long, slow, steady degradation of performance as 
> best I can tell, that's recently just reached proportions that are so 
> ridiculous that it's gone from "this sucks but I can deal" to "this is 
> completely unusable." The system has been slow from the start, just not 
> this slow. I guess I'll need to investigate this...and while I know 
> that Python is somewhat off-topic, if anyone here has any suggestions 
> on where to start, they'd be much appreciated. :-)

If you want to factor FreeBSD out of the problem, try to do the exact
same Plone stuff under a good and easy Linux distro, like Ubuntu, and
you will know if the problem is in Plone. In this case you have a
workaround using a multiplexer as someone else mentioned, assuming your
machine has several cores and a lot of memory. I am not an expert, but i
have heard that Java frameworks have much better scalability, partly
because threads are handled in a more reasonable way, and also because
the JIT is very good. By the way, you can try to run Plone under psyco
provided you have a lot of memory. I have seen good improvement for some
python programs with psyco. I have found a speed comparison which may
enlighten you here:
It has some remarks at the end which may help for plone.


Michel TALON

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