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> Steve Franks wrote:
> >So call me a sociopath, but times are a bit scary.  I'd like to do the
> >2000's equivalent of the 1960's bomb shelter, and have my very own
> >snapshot in case of major local/regional internet disruption, etc.
> >
> >What would be the best way to go about this.  I see with <1T words, it
> >appears doable on current technology.  Maybe they should offer a
> >snapshot on DVDs or disk as a fundraiser?  I'd drop $300 for some sort
> >of officially licenced copy, I suspect there are other freaks that
> >would too...
> When the world gets that bad, Wikipedia is the least of my concerns, 
> slightly ahead of who is winning American Idol. If it comes to the point 
> the internet goes down for a long period of time, that $300 is better 
> spent on a garden.
> Just my thoughts.

Actually . . . if things get that bad, you're going to need some
firepower to protect your garden (and everything else you don't want
taken from you by force).  To properly protect a garden, you'd need to
make it a community farm, with community members who have and will use
firearms to protect it (and your Wikipedia mirror).

Of course, I greatly admire the impulse to protect the collected
knowledge of Wikipedia from disaster.  It's also practical -- because it
contains a lot of information that might be of use (including good
subsistence gardening information, for those of us who don't have
naturally green thumbs).

Them's are just *my* thoughts.

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