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Many of these features have undiscovered bugs that you might
prefer not discovering on your own server.

oh oh.
but what if we are just running a plain webserver (mainly static html)
and email. we are sticking to ufs of course.
it is an older machine - dual 1.3G with 2G ram and a raid card.

we've run 7 since the beginning of june on 2 desktops (700Hz with 192M
and 128M ram) doing the above serving without any problems and are just
about to set up this server to replace the other 2.

should we use 7 or think about going with 6.3?

I'd go with 7.x every time.  It wipes the floor with 6.3 performance-wise
and it is just as stable and bug-free as you'ld expect from FreeBSD.  You've
seen it works for you: there's no conceivable reason to downgrade.



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