ProAce wrote:
Server: HP DL785G5 with 8 CPU ( 32 cores ) , 16G RAM
OS: FreeBSD 7.0-amd64
Kernel 1: MAXCPU = 16 ( default )
Kernel 2: MAXCPU = 32

DL785G5 run with kernel 1 and kernel 2 both successfully, and the
FreeBSD can detect the 16 CPUs and 32 CPUs normally ( using top -S

If I use kernel 2 for postgresql 8.3,  is it reliable and stable?

32 should be OK, but we haven't had access to such a machine yet (we briefly had access to a 16-core system but it melted) so we have not yet tuned for performance on it. FreeBSD 8.0 will run better if you are willing to use a development version of FreeBSD.

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