B. Cook wrote:
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[EMAIL PROTECTED] [/usr/local/etc]# 32 > ntpdate -b clock.nyc.he.net
1 Jul 12:49:57 ntpdate[70917]: step time server offset 358.732506 sec

Why when it was running did it not update the clock on the server?

My first guess, which is only a guess, is that your secure level is too high for this to work. If your securelevel is set above zero, then your clock can only be adjusted by a maximum of one second (please correct me if this has changed since 4.x).

Check the output of:

sysctl -a kern.securelevel

Strange thing two:

From a different computer I can not get the time from the server running openntpd.

# ntpdate -b
 1 Jul 12:50:23 ntpdate[679]: no server suitable for synchronization found

Have you confirmed that a clock server runs on that IP? Is the IP reachable?

If securelevel still has its place with affecting time changes, I'd try 'breaking' that to see if the time will actually update. Note that securelevel must be changed via a startup variable of some sort, and a reboot is required.

Then I would proceed to ensure that is actually running a timeserver that the network can reach.

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