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> I get this problem even when using version 3.0.28a.  I have 
> no clue what is
> causing it.
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> Seems like there's a bug in samba 3.0.30 (and 3.0.29) that 
> causes joining an
> NT4 domain to fail. Looks like it will be fixed for 3.0.31 
> whenever that
> comes:
> http://www.nabble.com/unable-to-join-a-NT4-Domain-since-3.0.28
> a-td17678565.h
> tml
> After upgrading to 3.0.30 via portupgrade this morning, I got failures
> connecting the server with a failed trust relationship. On 
> removing and
> attempting to rejoin the domain, I got:
>       Error in domain join verification (credential setup failed):
> Downgrading to 3.0.28a worked fine.


Just a guess really - but after reverting to 3.0.28a, I removed the domain
account for the server in question and then added it on the domain
controller before doing a 'net join' on the samba machine. After starting
samba again, all was well. 

In case it's of relevance - the samba server is 6.2 RELEASE-p12.

 - barry

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