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Having a problem with sendmail on some of my servers supporting several
virtual apache hosts. Because these servers have 5-10 ip aliases bound, it
sometimes trips up sendmail when sending outbound mail to my smarthost. All
servers are configured to use the same smarthost. But on one of the hosts,
sendmail will send out as the one of the virtual hosts instead of the main
host, which is what I need.

Example: is the host.
Five ip aliases for apache virtual servers:

Something is probably missing below the last quoted line.

Are you using jails for the virtual hosts?  If not, then you are
probably using *one* Sendmail instance for all the domains, which still
sends emails as the primary hostname but should work fine...

You can also force sendmail to send /from/ a specific IP by putting some
something like the following into /etc/mail/$(hostname).mc
dnl Send via the IP number that correctly reverses to our EHLO
CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA, Family=inet, Addr=')



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