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Ivaylo Bonev ha scritto:
I was astonished by the fact that Bacula cannot start from provided scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ directory. No messages in log, no error messages in console, ps aux| grep 'bacula' say nothing, nothing! I put

This is quite tipical behaviour for ports.

and after restart on console shows this error:
03-Jul 17:09 bacula-dir: ERROR TERMINATION at parse_conf.c:483
Config error: Could not find config Resource bacula-fd referenced on line 30 :
 Client = bacula-fd
              : line 30, col 20 of file /usr/local/etc/bacula-dir.conf
  Client = bacula-fd
All Bacula .conf files are attached. Is there a bug, or misconfigured .conf files?

It's a problem in your configuration: you have some jobs that refers to a bacula-fd client resource, but your only client resource is named laptop-fd.
You'll want to change either one or the others of those definitions.

BTW, given this is not a FreeBSD or FreeBSD specific problem, this question belongs more to Bacula's own mailing list (even if I rarely ever found any help there).


Because people here are friendly to newbies. We are humans after all, everyone make mistakes :)

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