On Friday, 14 February 2003 at 19:53:51 -0800, vizion communication wrote:
> Hi
> Here is the system:
> Compaq Proliant 5500
> Quad Xeon 500Mhz
> Booting from Compaq Smart Raid configured to give 3 virtual
> drives
> JBOD on seperate adaptec SCSI 2 PCI card
> Fibre Channel Array 1.2T
> Adaptec AHA 6944A/TX 4 port PCI 10/100
> NVidia PCI TNT2 M64 32M Video card - working fine  after a
> struggle - configured as vesa vesa!
> Built in ATI Rage IIc (DISABLED) on standard peripheral
> interface
> FreeBSD 4.7
> My first attempt at configuring this system for SMP was a
> total failure!! I lost my original configuration
> as I was unable to re-start successfully with kernel.old. I
> have successfully rebuilt the configuration as single
> processor and am ready to have another go to build as SMP.
> Before doing so some handholding advice would be very
> welcome. I have not been able to find guidance for building
> an SMP kernel but I have no doubt not been looking in the
> right place!! I have looked at the LINT file & commented
> out:
> cpu     I386_CPU
> cpu     I486_CPU
> and then added the lines
> options  SMP
> options  APIC_IO
> is there anything else I need to do prior to making the
> kernel?

That should be enough, but you should start from the GENERIC config
file, not the LINT config file.  As it says at the top of LINT:

# NB: You probably don't want to try running a kernel built from this
# file.  Instead, you should start from GENERIC, and add options from
# this file as required.

> Also if there is someone with a similar system who could send me a
> copy of a successful kernel conf file I would be most grateful

You've pretty much defined it.

See complete headers for address and phone numbers

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