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I downloaded the firefox*gz file from devel but it doesn't make for
64-bit.  Is Firefox 3 available for 64-bit AMD FreeBSD 7.0?

It builds fine from ports on amd64 7-STABLE. Use the port www/firefox3.


I'm running 7.0-release. I ran portsnap and then porsnap extract.
Then I cd'd to the firefox3 subdirectory and ran make. Make aborted with
the message that it could not find -lgio-2.0. I checked the Freebsd
ports tree and found gio-2.16. I downloaded it and ran make, but that
make aborted with the same message as the make of firefox3.

Your gnome2 is outof sync. Read:
/usr/bin/less -p 20080323 /usr/ports/UPDATING
/usr/bin/less -p 20080630 /usr/ports/UPDATING


Unfortunately there is no subdirectory /usr/ports/UPDATING on my system.

It's not a sub-directory, it is a file:

  %ls -l /usr/ports/UPDATING
  -rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  240302 Jun 13 04:00 /usr/ports/UPDATING
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