I have an upcoming project to create a modern UNIX (mainly
FreeBSD-based) workgroup computing environment.

If _YOU_ had your chance to do it from scratch, what technologies would
you use? Basically only following are set in stone. Everything else is
up to me:

1. Centralised user/password/account management 
2. 2-3 file servers running FreeBSD, 1 mail server and 1 VPN gateway
also running FreeBSD
3. Workstations will be 75% FreeBSD and 25% Mac OS X 10.2

Most people I have spoken to automatically say NIS/NFS. Although I know
that NIS/NFS is a tried and true combination, I can't help but feel
there must be a better way to do a modern BSD UNIX environment. As silly
as it may sound I am seriously thinking about running Samba for file
sharing services even though this is a fully UNIX environment.
Reasons for this include excellent performance on FreeBSD and better
security than NFS.

Some of the other authentication/account management technologies I'm
evaluating include LDAP and Kerberos. Any and comments/suggestions would
be very well received...

Basically what I'm asking is if you could do it all over from scratch
how would you do a modern BSD UNIX workgroup?

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