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> Subject: Re: OT: anyone been crazy enough to mirror wikipedia?
> You know, the Wikipedia is crap argument is becoming tiresome.  Maybe
> they should have picked a different name.  It is not a research tool.
> However, I use it daily when someone mentions Microsoft's latest TLA,
> or my daughter wants to see a picture of a blue whale, or I forget
> what port subversion needs open in my firewall, or the webpage &
> market cap for some obscure company.  I consider it to be like the
> browseable companion to google search.

Steve, the problem is that for decades the print encyclopedias
fulfilled this function.  Have you ever, for example, seen a
cite to World Book or some such in a serious professional reseach
paper?  Of course not.  They never used it.  The vast majority
of people buying those print encyclopedias were folks like you
who were using them for casual searches.

The reason the academic research community is so up in arms
over wikipedia is that all the folks like you stopped buying
the print encyclopedias when wiki came out, and the encyclopedia
publishers have all gone out of business.  Your no longer paying
some academic gatekeeper and the academics, for all their talk
about information freedom, don't like it.  Check out tuition
recently?  Now tell me college is available to any student who
wants it.  Yeah, right.  The academics want their pound of
flesh and they don't like the competition.

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