On Sun, Jul 06, 2008 at 04:17:06PM +0300, Gintautas Simkus wrote:
> Hello, I have a freeBSD AMP web server running on an old desktop, while on
> my laptop I am running Ubuntu and Windows OSes. My main concern is this:
> is it possible backup my production server data with rsync for instance
> and keep it on Ubuntu server? 


> Are there any other consideration to take into account?

When using rsync, it might not be able to copy ACLs and flags to other
OS's that do not support them natively. So if you depend on ACLs or
flags, use dump instead. 

But is you just have regular data files, rsync is fine. For keeping
large volumes of data synchronized, rsync is probably the fastest
solution. I tend to use the following options for rsync backups: '-axq

You could also use a USB connected harddisk as a backup. It's easy to
store that off-site. If you consider your data valuable, encrypt your
backup disks, e.g. with geli(8).

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