> PS:
> If you're about to ask ``Why isn't all this in the Handbook already?''
> suffice it to say that I've been experimenting and reading about
> Sendmail a lot the past few weeks.  I'm trying now to collect all the
> notes from the mess I have in my bedroom and sit my lazy *ss down to
> write a new Sendmail chapter for the Handbook.
Thank you for your fine writeup!

For some time I have been struggling to set up a network with the 
following configuration: 2x R4.7p4s and 1x W2k boxes on the local LAN 
and a R4.6 box as the gateway to the world on a ADSL line. A 
registered domain is pointing to my fixed IP address. All boxes can 
exchange mail on the LAN, send mail to the wide world and fetch mail 
using fetchmail. But mail to my registered domain seems to go to 
device zero. I am left with questions like what is the difference in 
sendmail configuration between the LAN PCs and the gateway PC? 
How can I check that my ISP has me set up properly for resolving 
reverse lookups? My MX records at zoneedit.com? Will my ISPs mail 
server cooperate?
When you write the new Handbook chapter I hope you will keep the 
home user in mind and cover some of my points. And of course, if you 
should have any references that I should consult, I would appreciate any 
Thank you from Kjell

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