On Sun, 6 Jul 2008 18:36:26 +0200
Tobias Rehbein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> What me struck now is the fact that my code will crash (signal 11)
> while processing a strcpy. When I run the same thing in gdb it won't
> crash and whats even more important to me: It does what I wanted it
> to do...

If you showed the program, we could have a closer look
at this and tell the exact reason. So the following is just
a wild guess, out of the blue:

If it's strcpy(), you're probably corrupting the stack
(or the malloc arena) by writing past the end of a buffer.
When you run under gdb, the debugger dynamically inserts
special instructions into the program so you can single-step
through it. This tends to slightly modify the memory layout
of your program, and you'll be jumping back to some other


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