On Jul 6, 2008, at 5:10 PM, John Almberg wrote:

Since MySQL is clearly the bottleneck of the sites, I'd investigate why in the
world apache2 needs >150M per process.

Now that was a darn good question.

I ran httpd -M and got a list of 60 loaded modules... duh.

I said before I'm just a beginner Admin. I'm learning a lot, but some of these basic things, I just haven't run into, yet. Obviously, Apache 2 gets loaded with a whole bunch of default modules? I didn't realize that, before.

Okay... I need to figure out which ones I really need. Thanks for push in the right direction...

My apologies on that one. You're right. I read 2150M as 2 Megabytes. It's obviously 2G which should be plenty of RAM for mysqld.

-- Chris

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