> > I bought a second hard drive for my computer since my /usr 
> partition 
> > was getting full.  I don't want to deal with hardware raid since I 
> > don't want to be dependent on a certain hardware vendor or 
> chipset, so 
> > I'm wanting to go with geom.  I'd prefer to not have to 
> backup all my 
> > data(I know I should anyway, but it's a 500gb hard drive, 
> and drives 
> > are growing faster than backup solutions).  Would it be 
> possible to do 
> > a geom stripe to expand /usr and keep all the data or would I just 
> > need to backup everything, and then put it all back?  If I 
> must deal 
> > with backing up and erasing, and considering that the 
> current /usr and 
> > the new drive aren't the same size, how would I go about mirroring 
> > other paritions and striping /usr?  Would that still be easily 
> > bootable(no special hacks or workarounds)?
> > 
> > Any tips or other recommendations would be appreciated. 

Check this tutorial, step-by-step, very helpful:


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