Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
I'm having problems with scripts involvivng Ghostscript on FreeBSD (4.6-4.7).
Specifically, I am implementing a Hylafax solution and most of it works but there a two areas that fail:
1. Running the SambaFax ( utility that extracts a fax number from a postscript file

2. Using the "faxrcvd" script that comes with Hylafax converting incoming faxes to pdf's.

In both cases the scripts seems to fail when tiff2ps, ps2pdf etc. are being executed.

Running the scripts manually from the shell works.

The only trace I hae so far from the logs is when (1.) is executed, cupsd reports "gs: not found".

How do I go about debugging this? I am in no way a programmer although I understand parts of what the scripts are doing.
You need to install ghostscript.  It includes the gs, tiff2ps, ps2pdf, etc
programs that are needed for everything else to run.  Ghostscript is pretty
much a requirement whenever you're converting documents from one type to
another or doing printing beyond plain text.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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