DSA - JCR wrote:
I want to make an user for the only task of remove/insert the usb copy disk.

I have made a new user (operator group), and a shell task that ask for the
GELI password and fsck and mount the USB disk. This work fine under root.

but I think that if he/she want to make CTRL-C to the shell task, he can
stop the task and then enter in the system and look whatever he wants (for
example, how the things are done).

How can I stop him from entering this CTRL-C (and others than could be) ?

If I understand your question correctly, you want to prevent an interactive user running a shell script from breaking out of it via CTRL-C and entering the shell directly.

In that case, you can achieve this functionality in your shell script with the use of trap command.

E.g. this line will print "Ignoring CTRL-C" on CTRL-C keypress which generates an INT (number 2) signal:

trap "echo 'Ignoring INT signal'" 2

This page http://www.shelldorado.com/goodcoding/tempfiles.html describes the shell signals quite well, you may want to give it a read.


Dez Accid

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