Hi all

I am using ipf associated with ippool.  When I need to change 
/etc/ipf/ippool.conf, say add a new member in a group, ippool -F  and ippool -f 
/etc/ipf/ippool.conf doesn't seem to work.  I also tried reloading the ipfilter 
rule by 'ipf -Fa -f /etc/ipf/ipf.conf', but ipf doesn't seem to re-read the 

The only way that has worked is to 'ipf -D' and then 'ipf -E', manually reload 
ippool and then reload the ipf.conf .  But this is not ideal for me since 
restarting the ipf would flush the state table, thus disconnect existing 

Is there any way to make change to ippool without dropping connectivity?

Thank you

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